Be gentle - does not help learning if they tease, scold or yell. Promote positive feelings about Intimacy.
 Youngsters who have positive feelings about sexuality and their bodies are more likely and able to protect themselves from STDs, unwanted pregnancy and abuse sexual -., and discuss these issues with their parents or adults they trust Help them gain the ability to make decisions kyle leon scam

Encourage your children to make choices and decisions from an early age.
Practice with small decisions like what to eat or what to wear preparing them for major decisions.
 Always be on their side. 's adult should always be on the side of their children.
Children must be able to trust that their parents are reasonable, regardless of the type of problems or concerns they bring to them. Assure them that they are "normal." What children want most is to know that they are "normal".

 Can help them understand that it is normal to be different
Our values affect our behavior and the choices we make in life. While your children develop skills to make decisions and define their values, it is important to be clear about their Visit Kyle Leon Review

How you can share your values with your children without dictating on how they live their lives?
Explain the difference between facts and beliefs. Can you believe that people should not have sex until they are married? It's something that, despite this, many people do.

Statements such as "I believe" or "I feel" can help children understand the difference between their values and factual information, often confliction’s out there.



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