On Thursday morning started a program last event of the World Cup men season 2012/2013 Plaice in Slovenia as part of the official training prior to qualification, introduced 69 jumpers from sixteen countries

Jump Manual Scam The best training sessions jumps in the first round presented Kamala Stock. The second round was canceled due to strong wind. Shone in a single workout and Zola Stock Poles, American also flashed Training on the bridge of the world's second largest, Lethalness (HS 215), conquered Poles.

Kamala Stock was most successful with 209 meters, which was to run from the lower track approach than his teammate. Port Zola but enthusiastic Canadian fans longest official attempt to Jump Manual Exercise - 221 m In front nosiest or double winner SP, 3 Gregory

Clearer (210 m) Austrian still fighting for the small crystal globe for triumph in the World Cup in jumping, which has lead before Robert Karnes?



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