Therefore true that what harms blood vessels, kidneys and damaging," said Martin Hairdo. For smokers is therefore greater risk that they will need in the future dialysis.

Fat wrap my kidneys
Among the misconceptions include the belief that the extra pounds do not damage the kidneys.

 But the opposite is true. Acne No More Scam Overweight and obesity are associated with diseases that harm the kidneys, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease.

Moreover, more and more patients with renal failure which is caused by a so-called overload due to excessive obesity. The hazing kidney contributes excessive intake of meat and meat products.

"Patients with renal impairment should consult with your doctor about the composition of the diet.
According to associated diseases and the degree of renal impairment may be necessary to restrict certain food components such as salt, sugar, liquid foods with a high content of potassium and phosphorus, and in some cases and proteins, "explained Habra.

Extend the life of your kidneys
In addition to elimination of risk factors such as smoking, overeating or excessive salting is for health impairment important to keep regular exercise.
 People can pay such ordinary walking. And if a person experiences kidney disease, it is important to detect and begin treatment.



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