He even has a good elasticity, so it seems to be very versatile. However, it is not used alone, but rather in combination with other materials due to its high price.

Certainly, however, belongs to the highest quality category. The socks are to be used to increase the resistance of stressed sites - such as at the tip.

To shirts, pants or socks may well perform its function, it must be sufficiently flexible.

 This is done by elastic fibers that you might encounter under various brand names - Spandex, Lycra or Celestine. Their main feature is the flexibility and the differences between them do not look are minimal Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

What about cotton top is useful to indicate that it is a natural material, so it thrive various bacteria and fungi

 Cotton has a different structure of fibers - which are much thicker. Consequently, the cotton worse and worse ventilation capacity dries this is quite logical Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

Because it dries slowly, it is not suitable material for demanding training, longer trips or holidays. To the gym or simply for sport cotton is not suitable - faster and more in her working up a sweat, humidity, just get rid of and at longer intervals between sets you can get cold.

In general I recommend being properly dressed and having at least 2 layers - 1 layer ideally functional T-shirt and a second layer normal cotton t-shirt or sweatshirt calmly (if you have a longer pause).

This is true not only for t-shirts, but especially for socks.



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