The results immediately within 6 minutes, no needles, without pain and without a single drop of blood or urine results that can pave the way for a proper diagnosis or help to better prevention and nutrition.

Noninvasive 4D analyzer health is the result of space research and determined on the basis of quantum physics and thermodynamics 117 blood parameters and physical values ​​such as HBG, HCT, RBC, WBC, lymphocytes, Na +, K +, enzymes, metabolites, cholesterol and much more. Based on these results, it is possible to build your overall assessment of the actual state of health, namely Diet Solution Program

State of the organism from the position of function, homodynamic balance, fluid exchange, gas homeostasis, etc

Condition of the central nervous system cardiovascular status of the complex

Lung function values

Examination and functional parameters of the liver and kidneys

Interconnection of enzyme systems with the immune system

In practice this means that, thanks to the device can already at the very beginning to recognize incipient or ongoing disease or other health irregularities, such as Diet Solution INfo

Blood diseases

Liver disease


Ischemic heart disease and brain,

And in the very beginning to recognize stroke and cardiac disorders (myocardial)



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