If you are successful in losing weight, it does not mean that you are automatically also successful in maintaining reduced weight.

Most programs focus on weight reduction, but not to maintain it. While keeping the weight to be learned, Just as it reduced the essence of the problem lies in the fact that when the end of "weight loss" to return to the original improper eating and exercise habits, it means a return to the original, or even greater weight in Diet Solution Torrent.

What should a good breakfast for weight loss. Look in diet solution program
Breakfast is the basis, not only in weight loss. Objection some "noonday" that after breakfast, have a greater hunger, is often caused by eating foods with a high glycolic index.

We will advise you how it should look good breakfast to get you started for the day.
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Basis of breakfast should form high-quality protein, carbohydrates with a lower glycerin index, suitable fats and vegetables.
If you are in the process of weight loss, breakfast should contain about 1 200-1 500 kJ.
 For breakfast you can afford a slightly higher carbohydrate intake than in the second half of the day.
When you add weight maintenance such as bread, when stricter regime contrary pastries lose in diet solution program.



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