Relieves discomfort, eliminates anxiety and tension, and also acts as an antidepressant. For people suffering from leg cramps is recommended that regular bath in jasmine concoction.

Dried flower buy in specialized herbalist, or shops with products of
Are also available ready-made tea bags in the bath for direct use - as discussed gradually increase steeping bag of jasmine in the water with the prescribed temperature, and stick to the bath.

Facial mask with jasmine extracts are suitable for dry skin and grayed. Brighten your skin and give it smoothness by removing dead skin cells Fat Loss Factor

A decoction of the leaves of jasmine is excellent in the form of tiles on the red-eye; it can be used for a preventive treatment against watery eyes, if you know that you move in adverse conditions (dusty, windy).

Treat yourself to a fragrant massage for beauty
Essential massage with jasmine oil is a pure natural product, fat loss factor pressed from flowers collected manually before dawn. Jasmine comes later collection by up to twenty percent loses aroma and medicinal oil.

Jasmine oil warms and relaxes the body (operates on deeper muscles), but also regenerates dry skin. Apparently acts as an aphrodisiac, and indeed oil massage helps in relieving labor pain.

After giving birth increases the ethereal jasmine oil massage milk production   
For health, put the tea
Dried yellow flowers blooming jasmine are the basis of many types of teas.



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