The dough is carefully pie filling, press edges together and bends down.
Strudel moves the plate so that the assembly remains underneath. Similarly, we will process the other half of the dough.
Do cup egg Basting brush and mix well. Then it spread with two rolls, and we are about a quarter of an hour in the oven. The apple pie is cool; we can still

whip cream and sprinkle with a little bit of powdered sugar.
The best pies Sweet and savory How Does Fat Loss Factor Work?
Wrap everything you love. The sweet and salty Right now, when the wind blows from stubble and the best is at home in the kitchen, it is the right time. Here

are five favorites according to the editors of FOOD
The best pies Sweet and savory. More photos in the gallery
In preparing the pie, we focus on what we enjoy. Editor John might like mushroom pickers and offers delicious savory strudel.
Editor in Chief John turn into apple pie wrapped together with spinach and cheese also my favorite memories of Italy.
Graphic Rake loves the classics, but I like trying new things, so we bake great apple strudel from spelled flour, after which only.
An editor Johanna filled each "sleeve" different fillings because they could not decide if you will be more taste my grandmother's poppy or cheesecake
Enjoy the wonderfully convoluted baking as well as we do in the newsroom.
Cheese and poppy seed strudel
2 pies - Preparation: 70 minutes


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