Still, scientists Recommend to be careful with additives containing flavonoids as a result of this same study Crops revealed that large quantities flavonoids may, conversely, be prooksidativnuyu activity that leads to cell damage. But any anti-oxidants are always more effective if act together.

Therefore, the use of different nutrients, including flavonoids - stabilizes and regulates the effect of each individual substance, practically all the links connecting the nutrients in a single chain of health food

Therefore, the action of flavonoids in their balanced consumption, it is simply impossible to overestimate. For the proper functioning of the body and health in general, they are needed.

For this reason, many researchers are advised not to think about the amount of consumption of the same flavonoids, and just try to indulge in them

with food, consuming products, to fully contain flavonoids because as established by science, these substances are certainly very useful and have on the body the most positive effect.

Holistic Training - system "triple blow"
Bench press - So often in training practice, there is one common problem - overtraining. Many amateur athletes, not calculating their strength, are taken to train for professional split-systems, in which training is conducted for kyle leon scam 4-6 times a week, and even twice a day, in some circuits.

Meanwhile, it is important to understand that professionals lead a different life than ordinary athletes, amateur and repeat their training, not living at it, since they are not eating a variety of drugs, is almost impossible.



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