Among the most classic back stretching exercises include cat (cringing and then straight back), circling the arms sideways oscillations (standing, upright position, oscillating from side to side) stretch (hands up - I pull up and to the sides) or lifting buttocks supine (legs bent, lift the vertebra by vertebra until the maximum position - stretching the spine).

 Likewise, indulge and stretching after workout. Jason Ferruggia Scam Lie on your back with head extended spine and legs lay on high ground (e.g. a chair). Another option is to sit on the feet, head downward and stretch your hands on the ground ahead.
After warm-up is followed by it strengthened applicable. muscle gaining Program We will show you the basic types of exercises, from the simplest to the most complex, in which you can also use the exercise equipment. Always strengthen back muscles pulling and never nametape. Exercise is performed to the maximum extent possible never not practice until the pain, while striving to release the back muscles (and its modern reinforcement).



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