Before you begin therapy, be sure to create a sterile environment for the application of therapy:
- Wash your hands thoroughly under warm running water using soap products

- Thoroughly wash the area where the treatment is applied, and the application, prepare the following:

Skin roller  Joey Atlas

Anti-bacterial cream or antiseptic wipes

A bowl of iced water

Wash cloth

Clean towels

Quality moisturizer (containing vita A, C or peptides)

Carefully wash prior to therapy first place with lukewarm water and antibacterial agents (or should I use antibacterial wipes or lip peptide), dry, wait at least 1 minute and then wash the area with ice water therapy without the use of other drugs, dry and apply therapy

, for best results Apply to your skin before applying anti-aging serum or cream and start "skin - scroll"

 Using gentle pressure, roll the roller Skin roller 4 times in each direction across the region - vertically, horizontally and diagonally in both directions.

Please remember that the epidermis around the eyes and upper lip is much thinner than in other areas. Therefore, use caution when treating these areas particularly careful.
4x scroll horizontally and vertically 4x scroll diagonally in both directions



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