These changes can occur in athletes with sustained and intensive loading only certain muscle groups.

Therefore necessary compensation (equalization) exercises - controlled physical activity by assessing changes in muscular apparatus on the basis of the knowledge of good physical manifestations of man (kinesiology) Muscle Gaining Secrets Review
Nature of the body's response to stress
The reaction is immediate answer a number of organ systems in the muscle work.
Depending on the type, intensity and duration of the load
Adaptation is the ability of the organ systems are functionally and morphologically adapted many times repeated, long-term effects Muscle Gaining Secrets Review

Repeat stress leads to a gradual weakening of the answers.
If the answer is large enough, the intensity of the stimuli gradually increased. The result is increased performance. Also, adaptation is dependent on the type, frequency, intensity and duration of physical activity.
Diaz apace is subject to weakening or omitting regular stimuli. Muscle Gaining Secrets Review This leads to a decrease or disappearance of signs of adaptation.
Malay amputation e is the result of inadequate, prolonged excessive burden, which may lead to structural changes and functional disorders.
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Skeletal muscles are the active component of the locomotors system and accounts for approximately 40% of body weight.



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