There are currently over 30 STDs. What your child needs to know about them? - STDs are transmitted through vaginal, oral and anal, or other intimate relations contacts. - STDs can cause permanent damage to the health of individuals without showing any symptom truth about cellulite

No one is immune. - STDs can have dangerous consequences and require medical care. Most, however, can be treated and cured with medication.
Certain STDs can be passed from woman to her fetus during pregnancy and birth. 's HIV / AIDS can be a particularly sensitive issue for young people.

They hear a lot of information and much of it is frightening and threatening. Young people need to know what AIDS is and how to avoid.
 Here are some basic facts that you can share with your children: -. AIDS, the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is the final stage of HIV disease - AIDS is fatal.
There is no cure. - HIV is hard to catch. It is transmitted in the following situations: • unprotected sex • needle exchange or other materials to the introduction of drugs 

Exposure to blood from a carrier • be born with it or have been passed to a child through breastfeeding • catch HIV from a transfusion or through some medical procedures is very unlikely and the chance of catching HIV from any other procedures is less than one to 10 million

You cannot get HIV through hugs, kisses, touches, tops toilet or swimming pool water. • the safest way to prevent HIV is to not have anal, vaginal or oral sex and did not use intravenous drugs. If you are sexually active, practicing "safe sex" reduces your risk of HIV infection.



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