This usually takes place under the picture of flu-like illness, often with transient rash, sometimes resembling infectious mononucleosis syndrome, and only rarely, neurological symptoms appear - serous meningitis or sporadic longitude.

The blood count is leucopenia, lymph opened, or sometimes with atypical lymph acidosis. This primary HIV infection spontaneously leaves regularly. Following this phase, the patient enters into various long latency period, pearly penile  Problems.

 Sometimes a reversible swelling of lymph nodes, which may progress to persistent generalized lymph empathy PGL this syndrome, has adverse prognostic significance. During the asymptomatic carrier state Pearly penile papules infection but leads to gradual changes in the immune system, who’s most striking expression of the decline in CD4 lymphocytes?

The first signs that indicate a reduced performance of the immune system occur regularly in decline in CD4 lymphocyte values below mm3 when the patient is transferred from one clinical category a - asymptomatic pearly penile papules infection to category B - symptomatic phase of PPP Infection.

Symptomatic stage of pearly penile infection is characterized by the occurrence of recurrent or pharyngeal candidacies or Candida



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