Psoriasis (psoriasis) most often affects other parts of the body, especially the knees, elbows and the skin of the head, but can also occur on the spends. Psoriasis usually appears on the glens or inner surface of the foreskin.

 Psoriasis manifests thickened red papules or scales. There are a number of effective treatments, especially steroid creams.Scales on penis with no serious causes, some are infectious, others may develop into serious pearly penile papules Program

May occur rarely mucosal disease acorn, sclerotic and ringworm erotica banalities bitterns. These diseases lead to the development of cancer penis. So seek medical attention as soon as you on the penis appear scales. Banalities and prosthetic banalities are an inflammatory disease prosthetic glens and the foreskin is an inflammatory disease. Symptoms include irritation, burning and a red rash.

Sometimes the skin looks like after scalding, because peeling. Bacteria and yeast cause peeling of the skin. Most often this disease occurs in older men and in men with diabetes. pearly penile papules Treatment The disease is treated with appropriate antimicrobial creams.

Erythrism plasma of Quirt is a rare condition that manifests itself sharply demarcated red scaly with a smooth surface. These scales are painful and cause itching. This is an early manifestation of carcinoma of the penis and need rapid diagnosis and treatment. Removal of the affected area is the only treatment.

Zion’s plasma cell banalities Zoon banalities cause bright red, shiny scales on the glens or inner foreskin. The scales are not painful, but may cause itching.



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