Pearly penile papules symptoms, sowing herpes zoster, recurrent adenitis, before gradually shrinking swollen lymph nodes and often systemic symptoms such as fatigue, fever, and diarrhea and weight loss

During the symptomatic stage of pearly penile peoples  is to be expected with the advent of so-called major opportunistic infections (OI), whose presence indicates the inclusion of the patient in clinical category C-So-stage AIDS disease

Characterized by the occurrence of some of the major opportunistic infections, some tumors or other abnormalities, such as pearly penile papules encephalopathy and wasting syndrome (ataxia).

Occurrence of large OI is due to severe impairment of the immune system and is usually associated with a profound decrease in CD4 lymphocytes.

Indicative of disease classification for HIV infection as the disease developed pupils on the penis (WHO criteria):

Nemesis pneumonia

Toolbox encephalitis

Esophageal, tracheal, bronchial or pulmonary candidacies

Chronic anal herpes simplex or herpes bronchitis, pneumonia, or

Esophagi is
CMV retinitis

Generalized CMV (except liver and spleen)
Progressive multimodal leucoxene
Recurrent Salmonella bactericidal



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