Therefore, it is necessary to drink! Our body needs daily 1.5 - 2 liters of fluid. Optimal thirsty firefighters are mineral water with low sodium, unsweetened fruit and herb teas, 100% fruit and vegetable juices.

 Vitamins protect skin and hair beauty is classic vitamin riboflavin-vitamin B2. This vitamin is important for smooth against the skin and rashes.

Also benefits the hair, giving them the beauty and luster. Creamy avocado pulp is used in many cosmetic products. Green fruit in addition to many other beneficial substances contain a large dose of antithetic acid-vitamin B5.

 Antithetic Acid binds water into the lower layers of the skin, the skin is kept fresh and soft. This vitamin also supports the division of skin cells, soothes the skin and is beneficial for dry and brittle hair Truth About Cellulite

Vitamin A is just as important, regenerates body cells. Persons suffering from a deficiency of vitamin A can find out that the skin and the hair is dry.

Cellulite  Treatment Review:Vitamin C is indispensable for metabolism and is important for skin elasticity. If the daily supplies vitamin C and zinc, activates new collagen and promote skin tightening as the inside.

An effective protector is vitamin E, which supplies the cells moisture, so be sure to add them to a salad dressing, sunflower oil - 1 tbsp sufficient daily per person.

Many cosmetic companies are offering in our market quality products, we bring you tips that are worth a try. We will also take care of you as you do for your skin maximum and could look forward to a good result.



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