Production and development in one place The Multimode we want to make sure that our products are of the highest quality.

 For this reason, our manufacturing facilities are located close to our research and development department R & D at the company headquarters in Hamburg.

This important link between product development and production allows us to have complete control over the entire manufacturing process.

It is clear that in terms of supplements, quality is very important. Visual Impact Muscle Building Review A careful selection of raw materials and constant quality control of our final products are undoubtedly an integral part of our manufacturing process.

The quality of our formulas is ensured by our own R & D department in accordance with the latest scientific knowledge.
Innovation in manufacturing
Even our founders more than 30 years ago in the basement of the production of the first recipe in a converted Multimode mixer already recognized that innovative Visual Impact Muscle  Products need investment in knowledge and technology.

Our production facilities in Germany are therefore very modern equipment and were built in order to constantly improve our products.

Quality Control

Quality control is a key part of the production at all levels of the process. We use a variety of different methods for chemical and microbiological quality control with detection of foreign bodies and permanent industrial hygiene monitoring as standard.



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