The last time I was sick from the vaccine
Some people claim that you can get a flu vaccine, flu but that's not true. "It's a myth," confirms the American expert Professor William Schaffer. "Every study shows that you can get the jab. No flu It's just impossible."
Schaffer sees two reasons why people think they are sick after a vaccine. So there are some symptoms that you can get after an injection, such as pain and very low fever. "But these symptoms are very mild and do not last long lead certainly not the flu." Another reason is that people sometimes confuse flu with a common cold. "It happens that people reach a cold and attribute this to the vaccination they received a few days earlier. But in reality there is just an unfortunate

coincidence," says Schaffer. 5. It's too expensive If you belong to one of the risk, then the vaccine partially reimbursed. Who Is Kyle Leon You will pay about 6 Euros. Many health insurance provide additional discount. A 'normal' adult pay about 11 Euros for the vaccine. 6. I will get the vaccine or later you're

convinced? Do not wait too long, because before you know it's too late. "
You should be vaccinated before coming into contact with the flu," said Anne Schacht expert. "The first cough or fever is not the time to start thinking about your flu shot. You should do that now!"

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