Vacuum massage vacuum chamber in the application head Photomology ensure removal of the dissolved fat into the lymph system and away from the body and simultaneously excites intercellular septa.
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The laser device using a laser liquefies fat cells and then using LED light provides better throughput membranes of fat cells and fat is then lymph channels gets out of the body, which helps him vacuum massage backed outran area.

What can you expect from Smooth Shapes? Truth About Cellulite

Smooth Shapes represents a significant improvement in cellulite removal and reduction of subcutaneous fat. After the treatment, the skin will feel firmer and smoother, in addition to the long-term effect.

Smooth shapes lets you perform surgery on all skin prototypes, including tanned skin. The procedure is comfortable and friendly. You will feel pleasantly warm skin and feel like a massage. After the surgery without any problems, you can return to your normal activities without pain, downtime or other restrictions.

The results of a number of treatments with the device Smooth Shapes

The recommended number of treatments is 8th the maximum may be two week, at least 1 month. The result in the form of changes in the texture of the skin and its strength is evident after only two treatments.

The treatment for cellulite is easy you just have to know how

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Vacuum cleaner therapeutic massage vacuum cleaner step within the software mind Photomology make sure elimination from the mixed body fat to the lymph program as well as from your body as well as concurrently excites intercellular septa.


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