Malady potation e is the result of inadequate, prolonged excessive burden, which may lead to structural changes and functional disorders.
Skeletal muscles are the active component of the locomotors system and accounts for approximately 40% of body weight. Visual Impact Muscle Program The basic unit of a muscle cell reaching a length of 20 cm.
Muscle cell (fiber) is separated from the surrounding cell membrane (sake lemon) that surrounds the cytoplasm (sake plasma).

 In sake plasma is larger quantity of nuclei, mitochondria (sake soy) and saliva filamentous structures called myofibrils. One muscle fiber contains several hundred myofibrils mayo fibrils and each is divided into lines of about 2 mm long sections - the sir comer...

They consist of regularly alternating periods of strong (myosin) and weak (acting) my filament - part contractile muscle.
Thanks to the regular arrangement of macromere in skeletal muscle can be seen on microscopic examination characteristic alternating light and dark stripes, hence the name of the striated muscles.
Both sets of my filament are partially inserted into each other. In places where they overlap, they can react with each other and against each other to move.
Visual Impact Muscle Building PDF Review: This relationship is the basis of muscle contraction (contraction).
To be initiated muscle contraction, requires the presence of calcium ions in the cytoplasm of muscle cells.

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