Anabolic foods if children do not have breakfast or nevoid and the first meal is lunch in the school cafeteria, or even after coming home from school, their body for a long time not getting any energy and suffering.

However, paradoxically, may lead to weight loss, but instead to an increase in body weight.

If a child is hungry in the morning, ambushed him in the afternoon or evening "wolf" hunger and threatens to eat significantly more food than if divided into smaller doses throughout the day Anabolic Cooking

Regular alternation of starvation with overeating organism learns to conserve energy and a big part of what children eat, you will not need to use physical features and marches, but save it to your inventory for future shortages.


The main principles of healthy children’s menu are therefore a regular intake of energy 4-6x a day.

Yet the survey "The Secret School Lunch", carried out in 2006 children Nutrition Advisory Centre, under the auspices of the Forum of healthy food and American Society of Cardiology, the 14 primary schools from all over the American showed that 38% of students and 54% of third-seventh grade students eating breakfast regularly.

Lack of energy is then reflected; inter alias, fatigue and lack of concentration.

Novae can then sign on school results. Breakfast and morning snack for kids are an important start to the day Anabolic



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