You can make progress and have time to deal with all the affairs of life. And progress is possible without chemical additives, because the body and so it will have time to recover, and each exercise is a powerful stimulus for the hormonal system. Are there any other similar training system, implying rare, but super powerful workout fat loss factor

Yes, one of these is called the "triple blow" - a system of holistic training. The peculiarity of this Pull-ups training program that all groups of muscles are worked at a time. The complex is composed of eight exercise baseline, which is separated in pairs, four pairs obtained.

Exercises are performed in these pairs mixed, as in the superset, but with a distinct pause between each set of these exercises, that is, the first is the first approach of the first exercises in pairs, then pause lasts 75 seconds, and then the first approach of the second exercise pair, then pause 75 seconds, the second approach is executed the first exercise in the same pair, and so on. After completion of exercise in the first pair, the second pass, then the third, etc.

Incidentally, during pauses as most training, calculated up to the moment, this is another unusual feature.

In the creation of this scheme was attended by scientists studying the process of muscle growth and the impact of different physical stress on the body, which means the system is backed up by scientific facts.



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