Do you recognize this thought pattern? You're not the only one head in the sand; fear of disease is the most normal thing in the world.
But some drugs are less effective if taken irregularly therapy is important. Once a cholesterol- skipping is usually no drama Careless use of antihypertensive, however to (dangerous) fluctuations in blood pressure and heart rhythm lead. fat loss factor Some drugs work mainly preventive, the effect is not immediately noticeable.

Then it can be difficult to motivate them to continue to take them. You Let the doctor (again) to explain why that's important anyway. Do not hesitate to doubt him or pharmacist to discuss. Since these experts is for.
The On-safe player

What does he think?
I swallow now five years antihypertensive and antidepressants Since I started after my divorce. Of the stress I was fifteen pounds, my blood pressure shot up and I did not see it anymore. I've never beaten a pill all those years. I think it's a pleasant thought, such a helping hand. Moreover, the doctor has never said that I should quit smoking.

Where does this idea come from?
It gives a helpless feeling when your body unexpectedly let you down. Drugs can not only help to resolve the problem or reduce, they also give a sense of control. That is reassuring.


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