You like Martin, that practicing hard pectoral muscles. I only hope that this training with high weights obviously not at the expense of individual exercises and techniques to try to correct and yet sufficiently rich design of individual exercises.

 At the same time I applaud your efforts to get to the competition board.

Many athletes about this procedure only dreaming or speaking, Visual Impact Muscle Supplement  the path is harder than many of them could imagine.

In this effort, good luck to you and I hope you choose the right path with a clean training offers you today natural bodybuilding federation CSNS axes Here we have the possibility of competition with various categories and opportunities right where you want it.
But now to your question already uneven development of the pectoral muscles is quite common.
Just like the different development of other games, surely you do not have exactly the same even developed biceps, shoulders, or thighs.

It's just a matter of what degree of imbalance in the individual parts.
We are not machines, so you can have standing shoulder joints and connections for the various segments to work on different exercises pressure, thus developing differently and millet muscles.
You write that the imbalance is really noticeable when looking in the mirror...RELATED PAGE:Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer

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